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net 3.5 or greater. DicomCleaner™ is distributed with both the Windows and Mac versions of the PCDICOM DICOM Dataset Cleaner, but is not available with the Linux version of the Dataset Cleaner. DicomCleaner™ can be downloaded from . 1. Executive Summary {#sec1-1} ==================== DicomCleaner™ automates the removal of unwanted records from DICOM images of medical scans. DicomCleaner™ is the first complete, fully automated, standalone program for DICOM-based data conversion, with data loss prevention and error recovery functionality. In addition, DicomCleaner™ provides a simple user interface, quick access to configuration options and a clean and simple configuration user interface. DicomCleaner™ is open source and is free to use for private and public domain projects. It has been used to convert over 100,000 images in five years of development. 2. 1 Description {#sec1-2} ================ 2.1 Algorithms {#sec2-1} -------------- DicomCleaner™ is a fully automated application that uses a combination of both standalone and open source modules to achieve the automatic conversion of DICOM data into a format that is designed to work with its accompanying medical image viewer, Ensight®. DicomCleaner™ can convert a wide variety of DICOM data types, including:Image pixel and voxel formats (e.g. 8-bit integer, 16-bit integer, 16-bit floating-point, 8-bit floating-point, float-16 and float-32)File formats (e.g. BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF)Volume formats (e.g. DICOM, Volume Data, Image and Directory)Channel and structure formats (e.g. RIM, CT-DICOM)Raw files (e.g. ascii, binary and wide-binary)Pixel data formats (e.g. PNG and JPEG pixel formats) DicomCleaner™ has been designed to be an open source project and the source code is freely available. The source code can be downloaded from 



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Dicomvclrar taimmar
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