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Your giving helps our clients become the hero of their story!

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Take a look at your impact!

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We are a non-profit and all gifts are a tax deduction.  Charitable gift letters will be sent at the beginning of each calendar year.  


Imagine you, your child or family member is in need of mental health services, but you cannot afford the co-pays or your out-of-pocket deductible?  What if you do not have insurance coverage?  Your mental health crisis quickly becomes a financial crisis as well. 


Gateway Family Services works to provide services to the most vulnerable populations--those who are underserved and underinsured.  When someone has a mental health crisis, we want to help them not also have a financial crisis in or to get access to the services they need.  Your generous giving ensures that clients are able to receive services without the added financial stress and burden.

Why give if the client has insurance coverage?  Our passion is to serve our most vulnerable populations who are often overlooked and underserved.  Gateway Family Services provides services to many clients who are medicaid recipients, however, the reimbursement rates are considerably lower than private insurance and it does not cover the cost-per-session for our agency.  Your giving bridges that gap for our clients so they can have access to our innovative, individualized and intensive services so they can heal and begin building a healthier future.


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