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July 15, 2022

There is no cost to campers thanks to:

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Losing a loved one is an awful thing for anyone, but especially for a child. Camp Braveheart is specifically designed for those who have lost a close family member or friend.  

During our time at Camp Braveheart, campers will explore and navigate the journey of loss.  During camp they can expect to:

*Connect with others who are on similar journeys of grief & loss.  

*Increase awareness of the grieving process. 

*Learn strategies to effectively navigate various emotions we experience 


My child is doing well and does not seem to be bothered by the loss.  Is this appropriate for them to attend or will we bring up things they don't want to talk about?  

Great question!  Camp Braveheart is perfect for anyone, no matter where they are on their grieving journey.  There are many myths about grief  and one is that we can "get over" grief.  No matter how your child is expressing their loss, they are still grieving.  For some it may come in tears, for some it may come in anger and for some it can be a form of shutting off from the pain and acting as if everything is "OK".  No matter where your child is on this journey, we believe that connecting in the midst of grieving is critical for not only the grieving process, but ultimately the healing process as well.  

Should I keep it a secret about the purpose of this camp?  

We ask that you do not keep this a secret about the purpose of Camp Braveheart.  We know that it may not be the easiest camp to get excited about, so we have tried to create a camp atmosphere that will help your child be able to have smile, laugh, cry, get angry, and share stories of their loved ones.  We know this may be difficult for some and so that is part of why we do encourage you to be clear and upfront about the purpose of the camp.  

We believe that you are an essential part of the healing journey for your child(ren) and we also recognize how tough this can be for you as well.  A gift you can give your child is modeling them healthy ways to grieve.  Camp Braveheart has some specific components designed to help you model that for your child(ren) and so we ask that you plan to be available for the opening and closing portions of camp.  

Do I have to attend any parts of Camp Braveheart? 

What should my child(ren) wear for Camp Braveheart?

We want Camp Braveheart to have times of laughter, fun and excitement.  We have created a variety of ways for our campers to discuss the process of grief and loss.  Sometimes, those strategies may result in our campers getting dirty or wet.  We ask that your camper wear clothes they do not mind getting dirty or wet.  

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